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Welcome to Magnolia Greens Dispensary!

Magnolia Greens is a physician-owned, boutique cannabis dispensary, offering the highest quality customer care, education, and products.

Experience a one-on-one learning experience with our in-house doctor & dispensary owner, Dr. Dennis Sanders. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

Magnolia Greens Is Proud To Have Been The First Dispensary In The State Of Mississippi To Be Accepted Into The Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP)!

All marijuana products offered by Magnolia Greens are vetted and sourced from local growers to ensure excellent quality with every purchase. All cultivators must meet our standards before being placed on our shelves.


Presenting Magnolia Greens first workshop. This workshop will be geared toward teaching patients the important skill of learning how to roll. Whatever your desired route of medicine intake, learning how to roll is an important tool in your toolbox. During this workshop, we will teach you how to roll thin papers and thicker blunt wraps so that you will be able to consume your medicine with ease. Join us as we discuss things like which papers are best, why it’s necessary to use a grinder, and many other topics. 


All marijuana products offered by Magnolia Greens are vetted and sourced from local growers to ensure excellent quality with every purchase. All cultivators must meet our standards before being placed on our shelves.

As medical doctors, as well as dispensary owners, we offer a wealth of knowledge to our customers. Feel free to visit or call us anytime to get your questions answered by experts!

Medical Marijuana That Best Suites Your Specific Healthcare Needs

Medical Cannabis Brands That We Carry

WellCraft Cultivation

WellCraft Cultivation

Our semi-exclusive partnership with Wellcraft allows for consistent product availability from one of the best cultivators in the state.

Southern Sky Brands

Southern Sky Brands
Mississippi-owned large-scale producer of medical cannabis. They host a state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility ensuring high-grade products with every harvest.

Noble Labs

Locally owned and operated producer of processed cannabis goods. They are hard at work developing new and innovative ways to ingest cannabis. Lookout for new products.

Sanders Farm

Sanders Farms is where it all began. Our marijuana knowledge base grew out of the plants that we cultivated during our time as USDA Hemp producers.

Kelly's Green

Kelly’s Green is the First Woman Owned Mississippi Cultivator Company. They are dedicated to provide quality products with a patient centered approach

Big River Cannabis Company

Big River Cannabis Company is a large scale cultivation and processing facility. The genetics have been sourced to provide the highest quality products to the people of Mississippi.

Stash House Distribution

Stash House Distribution carries multiple product options ranging from Vapes, Gummies, Raw and Infused PreRolls, with a few others to come in the future.

Southern Crop

Dedicated to providing high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Southern Crop has an extensive line of products that are guaranteed to fit your budget.

MidSouth Extracts

Midsouth Extracts is a Mississippi Processor with an extensive product line. They provide high-quality cannabis and cannabis products for novice and expert patients alike.


Heliobud is a Mississippi, greenhouse, sun-grown cannabis company. They grow their own flower and use it for processing edibles and concentrates. 

New Altitude Farms

New Altitude is a great cannabis company with roots starting in the cotton industry. They have many years of farming under their belt and have added cannabis as one of the crops that they excel at growing.

One Source

Located in Panola County, One Source continues to be an excellent source of Medical Cannabis. Their goal is to continue to bring the highest quality cannabis to the people of Mississippi.

Customer Testimonials

"Very pleasant and professional experience. The Knowledge of the products by staff left me with a sense of confidence in knowing what to expect. And they were right! I use it for inflammation and muscle spasms and it really works!"
DJ Jones
"Great experience and atmosphere. We will definitely be back again."
Jaylynn gilmore
"This place has a great atmosphere, that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. When quality, safety, and discretion are important, this is the place."
Kenneth Young

Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, we discuss several frequently asked questions in order to better serve the community. Topics discussed include how much can you buy, how purchases are tracked, what types of products exist, different ways of ingesting, gun laws, and a few others. For other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will answer them in the best possible manner.

Want To Follow Our Journey, & Learn More About Medical Cannabis & Its Uses?

For our customers who are looking to learn more about medical cannabis, what it can help with, and how to best use it … we have put together some awesome informational articles for you to review!

Loyalty Program

We know you have many options when it comes to purchasing your medical cannabis products, so we appreciate you supporting our dispensary more than you know! As such, we created an awesome loyalty program to thank our customers for their continued business!

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